5 Tips to Reduce Stress for Students

Posted on Oct 15, 2014 by racenr

Do little things irritate you? Do your shoulders and back always feel tense and tight? As a college student, juggling a job and a family, you probably answered yes to both questions. Stress is how our body shows us that we need to slow down, and re-prioritize our lives, too much stress can break you down, burn you out and eventually make you feel like a total mess. According to an article by the Mayo Clinic, the long-term activation of your stress response system can put you at risk for various health problems and diseases.

Don’t be alarmed, thinking you are the only one living a highly stressful life. Actually, according to a 2013 online survey conducted, by the American Psychological Association, 52% of Americans lead highly stressful lives. At UEI College, we want you to achieve success, and for this reason, we want you to try out our 5 tips on reducing stress in your life. So let us get started:

Tip #1- Eat Healthy

Stress is known to weaken the immune system and put you at risk of sickness. Therefore, to ensure you are ready to battle the stress monster like a winner, it’s important that you eat healthy and avoid eating junk food. Try to add more green leafy vegetables and fruits in your diet. For example, in the morning make a smoothie and add a handful of spinach, an apple and a handful of blueberries. Eating the right foods and drinking healthy smoothies can help the brain and the body deal with stress.

Tip#2- Exercise Daily

Exercise helps keep the mind and body healthy and stress free. A 20-minute walk, bike ride or dance session helps your mind ease from worrying and makes you feel good by pumping up your endorphins. According to an article by the Mayo Clinic discussing exercise and stress, “Physical activity helps to bump up the production of your brain’s feel good neurotransmitters.”

Tip#3 Smile and Laugh

We have all heard that laughter is the best therapy. Therefore, why not try it for a change. With so much stress in life, we often forget to laugh and smile and enjoy the little things. So, laugh, smile and let go of the tension.

Tip#4- Talk it out and Share

Another way to release stress is to interact with friends and talk it out. If you keep all your tension and worry inside, you’ll never be able to find a solution to what is bothering you. When you discuss your problems with people you can trust, they can comfort you, give you advice provide you guidance and more importantly help you get through this stressful phase in your life.

Tip#5 Get a Proper Good Night Sleep

To stay stress free it is important to get a good night’s sleep. A full 7 to 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep can help you stay fresh, think straight and gain full control of your life.

Stress less by loving what you do. If you don’t love what you do or what you’re studying, and you’re ready to pursue a new career that you truly love and enjoy, check out UEI College for career training. We offer career-focused education in a variety of programs in the healthcare, technology, legal, and business fields.

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