Skills Needed for the Computer Systems Technician

Posted on Oct 21, 2014 by racenr
Computer Systems Technician

Computer Systems Technicians are in charge of detecting and fixing computer software and hardware issues. A Computer Systems Technician must have a good grasp on all the technicalities of computer systems and must have hands on experience to resolve issues. Although one can be an untrained systems technician if they have a knack for computers, it is recommended to get technical training from a reputable school. Computers consists of components and embedded integrated systems so a computer technician needs up-to-date knowledge that an education provides. There are certain professional skills that every computer repair technician must develop regardless of their area of expertise:

Technical Knowledge

This is probably the most important requirement for being a Computer Systems Technician. Technicians should be highly knowledgeable in all aspects of computer design, architecture and operation. However, the type of knowledge depends on the job at hand. For software troubleshooting, knowledge about antivirus, firewall, instruction set and software are important. On the other hand, a hardware technician must have a good grasp on the internal architecture, organization and function of every component. This will help detect and resolve the problem quickly.

Issue Diagnosis

A Computer Systems Technician is just like a doctor- the only difference is he has to deal with silent patients who can’t tell their problem. If the issue is evident, then it’s easy to resolve the problem. However, if it’s not possible to detect the problem in one go, technicians use a systematic troubleshooting approach. They consider all the possibilities and inspect them one by one. Again, you have to be knowledge in all aspects of computer systems, and are able to detect the problem in as few attempts as possible.


Everyone doesn’t understand technical terminologies, so a Computer Systems Technician must have good communication skills to tell the clients about the issue in layman’s terms. Whether, working for private clients or are hired by a company, technicians should know how to explain the computer jargon in user-friendly language. What’s more important is clients’ satisfaction; being able to ensure them that their computer systems are in secure hands and assure them that the issue will be resolved is very important.

Patience and Concentration

Patience is very important when dealing with machines. Computer systems are complex and require focus and concentration when troubleshooting. The ability to work on computer systems with a clear mind, considering all possibilities, and taking a systematic approach is very important.


Computer maintenance is another professional skill that a Computer Systems Technician must have. They not only have to resolve the issue but also make sure that repairing or resolving one component does not impact the functionality of other components. Compatibility of components and software is extremely important in upgrading, maintaining, and repairing computer systems. A thorough understanding and knowledge of the latest technologies, viruses and antivirus software, firewalls, software updates and other applications is key to keeping systems running properly with as few issues as possible.


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