Top Reasons to Become an Automotive Technician

Posted on Oct 29, 2014 by racenr
UEI College Automotive Technician

There are millions of automotive vehicles racing on the roads everywhere. Besides that, there are numerous automotive manufacturers and new types of vehicles such as hybrids and full electric, which make each vehicle technologically different from another. Naturally, a different skill set and knowledge base is required to repair each automobile.

With time and use, cars tend to wear out and have diverse problems. This is where the role of an automotive technician begins. They are not only responsible for identifying the specific causes of problems in automobiles but also for correcting the problems through diagnosis and repair.

They help prolong the life of a vehicle and improve its efficiency by using specialized tools and diagnostic equipment to perform repairs. To become a general automotive technician, all you need is to the proper training and love for automobiles.

Why Become A General Automotive Technician?

Working as a general automotive technician is an interesting job. It requires creative problem-solving and troubleshooting skills to repair. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider pursuing it as a career.

It’s an evolving industry

Traveling with personal vehicles has become the norm nowadays. Technologies used in different vehicles are evolving with high tech computer and safety systems as well as power plants for electric and hybrid cars. As new technologies develop, there is more of a need for specialized technicians to diagnose and repair vehicles with hi-tech systems.

Due to a shortage of highly skilled automotive technicians, unparalleled opportunities are in store for specialized automotive technicians to work and develop within the automotive repair field. Employment shortages in other fields in some cases have been outsourced, but automotive repair is one that can’t be outsourced. Opportunities to work with dealers and repair facilities should be readily available for many years to come for a specialized automotive technician with the proper training and certification!

One doesn’t necessarily have to be a graduate or a postgraduate in order to work as a general automotive technician. You can begin your career during high school by joining the training programs popularly offered to students. It will give you a basic know-how about cars, their parts and systems. Therefore, by the time you graduate high school, you may already be earning money and will be skilled enough to start working at a larger company that will present more opportunity.

Automotive Training

You can begin your career training right after you graduate high school. All you need to do is find an auto tech program that will provide with the hands-on experience and knowledge of all the latest technology and techniques in auto diagnostics, maintenance and repair. If there is any particular aspect of automotive repair that interests you, you can choose to specialize in that particular area of expertise. However, in order to do so, you must have first received your basic general automotive technician training.

Job Prospects are high

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, “employers are reporting difficulties finding automotive technicians with the right skills and education, job opportunities for qualified applicants should be very good.” Graduates from a postsecondary automotive training program will have the advantage to find employment over individuals that lack the formal training from a postsecondary institution. Graduates that choose to further their education by specializing in hybrid technology or automotive computer systems will have a higher chance of finding employment. *(BLS)

If you are passionate about cars and wish to pursue a career as an automotive technician, you can start earning your Automotive Technician diploma at UEI College’s Gardena campus.

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